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By on April 5, 2013

Encounter classic glamour in high-tech comfort

Look out for our new goddess with the seas. MSC Divina, named in honor of screen legend and MSC Cruises “godmother” Sophia Loren, that will be christened in Marseille in May well 2012. Modeled from her sister-ships, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia, she characteristics some outstanding enhancements.

MSC Divina MSC Divina Details msc cruises cruise ships

The beautiful Infinity Pool within the aft on the ship, with its “beach zone” adjoining the glass balustrade, offers a exclusive view on the ship’s wake fading in to the sunset. And if you’re travelling within the expanded MSC Yacht Club, you could relax in style within the Prime Sail Lounge.

Your cruise ship is your 1st and last location each day. Too as a hotel, spa, sports club, shopping center and entertainment complex, it ought to also be a spot where it is possible to take pleasure in a cozy coffee break, a quiet stroll or even a romantic drink beneath the stars.

Does that sound as well very good to become true? Find out MSC Cruises’ pioneering new generation of cruise ships, developed collectively with our award-winning companion, De Jorio Design International. On just about every vessel in our fleet, you will uncover a exceptional and cautiously crafted atmosphere, a floating getaway destination to rival the ideal resorts inside the globe.

Experience the glamour in the past with all of the comforts of the 21st century, thanks to our one of a kind style.


MSC Divina presents 3 principal restaurants. Each 1 boasts a leading gastronomic selection because of the wide variety of dishes plus the premium quality of the foods, from choice Italian meats, scrupulously controlled, to fresh fruit. Each and every item is fresh and meticulously handled, including bread baked on board using the passion and expertise from the most distinctive boulangerie. Dishes range from regular and tasty Mediterranean fare, for the most refined international recipes.

Sacramento Tex Mex Restaurant

For lovers of spicy meals, Sacramento Tex Mex Restaurant could be the ideal option. Sample all the tastes of Mexican cuisine: from Texas steaks to enchiladas, fajitas to burritos and tacos, guacamole to tortillas, all accompanied by Mexican beer, Tequila and Margaritas. The full-view kitchen completes the traditional atmosphere of this restaurant.

Bars and Lounges

On MSC Divina guests can pick out from various bars, inspired by distinctive themes and inimitable in their wine and meals selection, hence satisfying even one of the most sophisticated and demanding palates.

The Golden Jazz Bar

The drinks list in the Golden Jazz Bar is inspired by jazz music: uncommon whiskies, cognac, aged grappa, the top brands of vodka and gin, and aged tequila.


MSC Cruises’ uncompromising dedication to its passengers is nowhere much more evident than the unrivalled entertainment programs and facilities provided on board MSC Divina, with its state-of-the-art 1600 seat PhanteonTheater, futuristic Disco and Casino Veneziano with more than ten,000 square feet of casino gaming and Virtual Planet, video games room.

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